Glamorgan Wanderers RFC Ltd AGM

Glamorgan Wanderers Ltd held its AGFM on Monday 26th October and for the first time due to Covid restrictions it was held remotely.

Paul Prickett (company Secretary) hosted the meeting and it was chaired by President Keith Thomas.

After some initial technical issues getting everyone established in the meeting with their microphones off and video’s on a good AGM was held. Mr Dai Lubin joined us from what appeared to be the control centre of Mossad and John Baker joined from the cockpit tractor whilst appearing to cut the pitch

Rhys Draby gave a comprehensive report as Treasurer not only reporting on the past 12 months but explaining where the club was financially during the Covid Pandemic and where we expect to be over the next few months.

Chairman Gerry Blake spoke for 6 hours and 13s exactly and gave a grand report on the state of the club. He commended all those who give their time freely and tirelessly to the club and explained where he thought things would be in the next few months.

For those who were still awake Alyn Humphreys concluded the reports with a rugby report on the half season held and the unfortunate state of community rugby over the next few months

The meeting considered two resolutions

1/ To relect the board of directors en bloc for the next 12 months. This was passed unanimously.

2/ To endorse the Chairman’s Management committee and its officers and co-opted members for the next 12 months- This was also passed unanimously.

The meeting ended with a rendition of “we’ll meet again” sung by Alan Davies whose screen was suitably muted by the chair and everyone returned to their sofas in time to watch the 10 O’Clock news.

A full report along with copies of the reports given will be available soon

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