Wanderers hit “Rock” bottom

St Peters 31

Wanderers 10

“Gloriously sunny day, no cover so I’m glad I brought my hat” commented newly elected and follically challenged VP Phil John.

“I went to the beach with my daughter, ice creams all round, great shout by me!” commented Mike Bishop.

“Definitely a game of two halves” added the Massiv “and we came 2nd in both!”

On a powerfully hot sunny day with no shade, for the second week in a row the Wanderers kicked off at 3pm only to find they were 13 nil down to a spirited St Peters side who kicked off at 2-30pm. For the larger players there was no respite in the heat and rehydration for both sides was certainly a priority. Concerns exist that the Wanderers need to realise that a penalty count against their team’s name is not a positive on the scoreboard, need to be driven home, as once again the official found fault with nearly everything the visitors did. A well worked catch and drive opened the scoring for the home side (see last weeks report!) and two penalties put them comfortably ahead before the Wanderers woke up. Eventually realising the invisible force field across the “Rocks” 22 was fictitious they started to gain some momentum but it was about as rare as the clouds. A penalty from Harry Carson reduced the arrears and but just as the visitors gained a foothold and applied pressure with a driving maul the referee called a halt to the half. Half time 13-3.

No let up in the sun but the Wanderers did kick the half off with a more positive intent. A try from Ceri Morris reduced the arrears to 13-10 but normal service was resumed as St Peters regained control of the proceedings. Their second try edged them ahead again and as the visitors wilted in the sun like some ageing sunflowers there was only going to be one winner. Occasional moments gave the “Massiv” a distraction from the search for shade but execution in the St Peters 22 was poor. Third and fourth tries rounded off a well-deserved win for the home side and sent the Wanderers back to Ely with their tails between their legs (which they promptly tripped over!). Final score 31-10 to St Peters.

“Certainly a sense of déjà vu” commented Manager Mark Gould “We at the Massiv believe in this group of players but the changes over the summer mean we are on catch-up to the sides who are used to playing together. The talent is there and it will come through when we all pull together”.

Wanderers Scorers

Tries: Ceri Morris
Con: Harry Carson
Pen Harry Carson

Management MOM: Harry Carson
Massiv MOM: Finn Davies


Match Pics:       https://flic.kr/ps/c7gzd

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