Change to Wanderers Back room staff

Wanderers change in coaching team

The Wanderers will have a new coaching team for the season 22/23. Ex-Wanderers scrum half and more recently backs Coach Darren Gibbon has stepped down from his role alongside Martyn Fowler.

Chairman of the rugby committee Tony Murphy commented “Darren has stepped down as our backs coach for the coming season. We would like to thank Darren for his efforts over what has been a difficult time during the pandemic and such a disjointed season since rugby returned. It has been a tough time for all coaches and Darren will always be welcome at the Memorial Ground.

Daren added “I Would just like to add that it’s been a superb experience and would like to thank the club for the opportunity. Enjoyed working with such a talented group of players over the past 3 years, who just also happened to be good men. It’s been hugely challenging for several reasons but I will miss working with them and the chats about the little things that make a difference. My coaching capability and experience has been hugely enhanced through working with you all. I Wish the club every success going forward”

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